Theodore Allen - "The Goddess and The Truth"

"When he was a child, Colbe Taylor's mother was his savior. When he fell in love, his college sweetheart became the goddess he worshiped. But when he betrays her in the arms of a Surman temptress deep in the African rainforest, and when his guilt becomes malignant following her death, only his daughter's happiness can reinspire his reason for living, and only his romance with Nature can resolve the uncertainty he feels concerning the possibility of future intimacy. In a journey exploring the origins of social violence in a celebration of human intimacy, an anthropologist becoming an artist explores the complexities of consciousness and the inevitability of conflict, as a girl becoming a goddess learns lessons only honesty can teach." Core Interactive Media created a short video for the Internet to help Allen promote his book, The Goddess and The Truth.

"Linda accomplished not only what I envisioned, but also what she envisioned. She took my ideas, expanded upon them, refined them, and most importantly, communicated them, in ways I would not have thought to try. The result was an entertaining, informational and emotionally engaging trailer that perfectly targets my intended audience and inspires everyone who views it to learn more about me and my book!"

Ted Wadley D.C. aka Theodore Allen