Salon d' Arts

Salon d' Arts is modeled after the Paris art salons of the late nineteenth century and serves as a public forum designed to promote the exchange of ideas between artists and viewers. The art show features more than forty nationally renowned artists ranging in subject matter from representational figure, to landscape and still. Many of the artists are held in museum collections across the U.S., including the Smithsonian Museum of American Art, National Portrait Gallery, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Denver Art Museum. The founder successfully used this video to find sponsors and raise money for this fabulous art show.

"The video produced by Linda Petrie Bunch has made a huge difference in our capability to attract funding to our art-based nonprofit in a time when most art organizations are struggling. It is engaging and effective, and has given us the competitive edge when competing for funds by being an 'inside salesperson' when we can't get in front of the top decision makers. Working with Linda is a pleasure. She is professional, caring, fun and funny, and sees the project through to it's highest potential."

Natalie Rekstad-Lynn
Founder, Salon d' Arts