LatchTool is a small hydraulic PowerCylinderTM housing an enormous amount of power in a small casing. This video was used to show potential investors the advantages of this unique engineering. Invented initially by lumberjacks in Oregon, The amazing PowerCylinder'sTM encapsulated hydraulic Circuitry is incorporated into a variety of tools that multiply hand force 47 times, delivering up to one-half a ton of gripping force.

This video includes a fabulous animation of the interior workings of the hydraulic system.

Core Interactive Media created the musical score as well.

"You have done an outstanding job producing the LatchTool documentary. You have not only captured the significance of our technology, but also the spirit of our people. Balancing the scope of the task with the resources allotted, your work is amazing. I'll call it a product of an exceptional talent, a true gift. Thanks heaps."

Robert W. McPherson
President of LatchTool