The g-Spout

We had a lot of fun putting together this infomercial for
"The g-Spout," a simple device to help you pour accurately and easily from skillets, pans, bowls and cans. One version was put online and we also created a looping DVD for tradeshows. Originally developed to encourage the environmentally responsible disposal of cooking grease and oil, the g-Spout has become so much more! Watch and see...

"This is a brand new product idea that many people just don't grasp without seeing. But once they do see it, they understand it almost instantly. We knew that having a video of the product would be critical to our launch, but we didn't know where to begin. Linda Petrie Bunch made the whole process easy, fast, and professional - without breaking the bank. She let us know what we needed to provide, and then she just took care of everything else. Also, we wanted to offer an appealing video of the product, without having it feel like one of those 'In your Face' infomercials. Linda kept all of our goals in mind, and still kept the message in balance. We could go on and on, but in short, we can't thank her enough."

James and Gail Archer
Archer Castle Investments