Morning Meeting: The Poetry Cafe
Broken Window Theory: Little Things Matter
High Support Environment: Meeting the Students Needs
Holistic Accountability: The Belief that All Students Can Learn
Real Talk: Is It CoolTo Be Smart?
Real Talk: Why Do Little Things Cause Big Consequences
Advisory: Core Values
Advisory Program
Core Instructional Practices: Use of Time
Senior Project: Aerodynamics of Model Rocket Fins
Core Instructional Practices: Fluency & Spiraling
High Expectations: The Path to College
10th Grade Performance Assessments & Team Grading
Suspension Apology: Academic Integrity
Mastery and Class Trackers
Public Accountability: Stolen Purse
Group Suspension Apology: Theft

Denver School of Science and Technology, DSST

The Denver School of Science and Technology (within the Denver Public School System) received a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to create videos of their highly effective teaching strategies and to put the clips on the Internet. Working within different categories, ie, Holistic Accountability, Broken Windows Theory, High Expectations, Staff Committment, videos were created over the school year within each framework to highlight best teaching practices.

Because of the work that DSST completed using videos created by Core Interactive Media on their website, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation extended their grant money, even though the focus of their foundation had changed.

"We've had great success working with Core Interactive Media and Linda Petrie. She was responsive, professional, and always delivered by the specified deadlines. Often times I would need to call her with very little notice and she would always show up to shoot. I enjoyed working with her so much that I have just hired her on for a new project."

Lindsey Friedman