Art Students League of Denver

The ASLD is an inspiring art school with an art gallery, classes, workshops and lectures with nationally known artists. The Marketing Department has been using this video to promote it's programs, staff, and for fundraising. We also created the musical score.

"The movie did a great job of capturing the essence of the ASLD. The film has proven to be a great tool in showcasing not only the mission of the league, but the overall contributions and cultural importance the League has made within the Denver community."

Doug Dawson, Board Vice President

"I can't thank you enough. What a great piece. In my view we can take this on the road anywhere. It is absolutely first class and tells the League story! From my point of view this video is worth tens of thousands of bucks and if your contribution has not been acknowledged let me do so on behalf of the League at this moment. Your contribution is extraordinary! I believe that I represent all of those at the League in praising you for a great creative contribution that reflects what the League is all about and communicates to the public the League's unique place and mission in the community."

Charlie Woolley, Board President