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Dean Mitchell, Artist

"Technology sure has changed. Now that I have gotten more into it, he and I have decided that you should have gotten at least a Purple Heart for the project! I still like the site. Again...Thanks a lot."
Glenn Cuerdon, Photographer

"This new website is bordering on fantastic. I love the layout and how it is being done. The photos are unbelievable!! The cheetah photo tells the whole story of Tanzania in one shot."

Dr. Don Stevens, eGlobal Education

"Thought you'd like Don's reaction. It does, indeed, look incredible. You have done a fabulous job."

Dr. Gail Schoettler, eGlobal Education

"I get so many compliments on this site, thanks!"

Catherine Saks, Saks Galleries

"You have done an outstanding job producing the LatchTool documentary. You have not only captured the significance of our technology, but also the spirit of our people. Balancing the scope of the task with the resources allotted, your work is amazing. I'll call it a product of an exceptional talent, a true gift. Thanks heaps."

Robert W. McPherson, President of LatchTool

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Don Hunter, President of ConferenceShow

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Joy Dinsdale, OperaColorado Board Member

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Gay Cook, CWHR

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Janice Sinden, Colorado Concern

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David Hubly, CU Engineering

"We are receiving rave reviews on the DVD. A typical comment from one of our members was 'It was really wonderful, a top notch production and promotion of the breed and of IYAK. The pictures and the text on the DVD cover and on the DVD itself also look very nice and professional.' Yaks In America provides valuable information on yaks in an interesting and exciting manner. The International Yak Association is very appreciative of your efforts to develop this DVD. Your combination of passion, professionalism and initiative exhibited through your filming and direction of the production was, of course, the key to the outstanding final production...the manufacturing process went very smoothly."

Mr. Lynn Wilkinson, President, IYAK

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Michele Ashby, Dani's Foundation Director

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Mary Kobey, Politerary Club

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Richard M. Hall, Jr. Colorado National Bank

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Freddy Arck, Auraria Higher Education Center