Core Interactive is a promotional video and Internet development company specializing in the creation of videos, advertisements, documentaries, websites and multimedia products. We create entertaining visuals that can be viewed on television, online or on DVDs. Our broad knowledge of these different areas allows us to help you integrate an entire multimedia package to promote your business. We also help clients with graphic design and branding to make companies more lucrative.

Our clients are happy with our work & we have fun working with our clients. Here are some Kudos.

We have full service video capability. Housed at the Denver Studio Complex, Core Interactive has immediate access to three main movie stages, lighting, sound and camera equipment. We will create excellent advertisements, promotional or instructional videos for you.

Because Core Interactive also uses a group of skilled contracted developers with expertise in video, Content Management Systems, storefronts, graphic design, database development, JavaScript, Flash, and HTML, development costs for clients are minimized.

Providing knowledgeable, individualized video and Internet support and excellent project management, Core Interactive assists each client through the steps of purchasing a domain name, choosing an Internet Service Provider, designing interfaces, developing video and creating and programming content. Whether producing videos, websites or online training for an educational institution or a corporation, Core Interactive is equipped to consult with your company regarding a variety of distance delivery methods and content development.

Principal, Linda Petrie Bunch, (resume) has been leading video, multimedia and Internet projects since 1996. Linda has taught courses at the University of Denver, The University of Colorado and the Colorado Institute of Art. She has 15 years of database experience in the field of education and holds a masters degree in communication.

The company is located in Denver, Colorado, with a variety of clients in different locations around the country, the UK and Canada. Let us offer our expertise to assist with your video, multimedia and Internet questions!

Contact Core Interactive through email or by phone at 303.517.2165.